Who Makes Amy's Bread?

Amy's Bread claims to be a community-oriented business but those of us who work there struggle to afford basic necessities. We've come together at this fast-growing baking company to improve our jobs and make the promise of Amy's Bread real.

Who We Are

We are Amy's Bread workers who have joined together to improve our jobs, make our voices heard, and promote a just food system for everyone. Amy's Bread is a well-known New York City wholesaler and retailer of hand-made bread, pastries, and sandwiches. We work at the company's 33,000 square foot factory in Queens and the bread we bake is sold at many of New York's most exclusive markets and restaurants. Amy's Bread has achieved phenomenal growth through a combination of highly-talented workers and a brand promise of community, sustainability, and responsibility.

We work hard and take great pride in the food we make but struggle to afford food for our own families' tables, after paying rent and bills. We don't come close to being able to afford health insurance and our everyday work environment is seriously lacking in respect.

We are among the 35,000 workers in New York City's food production and distribution sector supplying everything from hummus and juice to seafood and baked goods. Our campaign is part of a growing movement of workers and eaters coming together to deliver on the economic, health, and ecological opportunities presented by the growing popularity of locally produced foods.

As members of Brandworkers, we've built our own worker-led and worker-operated campaign to improve our jobs in partnership with allies like you. We're also proud to be part of the NYC Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), a grassroots union run by members.

Take this journey with us to a better Amy's Bread and to a responsible food system for everyone.

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Ana Rico

I'm washing hundreds of baking trays by hand each shift because the company refuses to make basic equipment repairs. I'm organizing for common-sense respect.



With the pay at Amy's, I have to work three jobs to support my kids. But I'm so tired I don't know how long I can keep it up.


Daryl Joseph

I'm organizing because I want fair treatment for all workers and better pay.

What We Face

Healthcare we can not afford

Unaffordable Healthcare

Even under Amy's Bread new health plan, full-time workers would have to pay over $1446 to insure their family. Employees working part-time pay even more.

Wages we can not live on

Wages We Can't Live On

We are highly skilled workers, yet some of us earn as low as 50% below the industry average. Many of us work two or even three jobs to pay rent, put food on the table, and take care of other bills.

Respect we do not have

Disrespectful Treatment

Arbitrary disparities in pay. Unprofessional management practices. Threats of lost work days for workers who speak up.

Take Action

Great jobs, wholesome food, and a healthy planet. We're partnering with eaters and workers like you to realize the extraordinary potential of local food. Join us!

#WhoMakesAmysBread Holiday Blizzard

The talented and hard-working bakers of Amy's Bread in New York have kicked off a campaign for better jobs and a better food system. Instead of accepting a respectful request for dialogue, the company is trying to derail the workers' effort with costly lawyers. The workers remain committed to achieving the affordable health care, fair pay, and respect their families need.

This past holiday season people stood with the workers and called on Amy's Bread to make its wholesome image real. From Wednesday, December 18th to Wednesday, December 25th, people posted their “Holiday Blizzard” messages to Twitter or Facebook with #WhoMakesAmysBread and @AmysBread. Click here to see all the creative videos and photos that people shared.